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A Mothers Love

It took 9 months to bring you into this world.  Through this time, I carried you inside me, nourished you and cared for you.  A time of morning sickness, weight gain, Doctors appointments and birth preparations.  I brought you into this world, natural childbirth it was.  And boy, it wasn't an easy task!  I looked at you for the very first time and said once again "I am proud to be a mother", I was very happy.  I took care of you from that point, my love was unconditional.  Tried to breast feed you, but you weren't in the least interested.

I protected you, watched you grow, your first step, potty training, your first word and even then, they were never mistakes but learning experiences even for me.

An embrace, a soft spoken word, a hug, a kiss and  thoughts penetrating the heart in heavenly love.  Your first year and years after, I watched you become this wonderful person.  First day of school, me standing at the door not wanting to separate from you.  Smart, witty, bright, funny sometimes but serious too.  Great grades as the years so easily stroll by honor roll .  Where did the time go?  Smiling, joking around with friends and your siblings.  

I prayed for you always, guided you and yes, protected you.  Was I perfect, some might say no, I say yes because I did the best that I knew how to do.  The sad times, tears streaming down faces of those who care.  Your tears of hurt and pain not even words can comfort sometimes.  God speaking saying "let not your heart be troubled."  God always fixes the problems.  

Times of rebellious remarks and not following my rules made me wonder what did I do wrong!  Moments of silence, inner prayers, sleepless hours sitting up waiting to hear a word.  Prayers for protection and safety go up.  Was I a perfect mother,  I questioned?  Were you a perfect child?  Absolutely not!  We make mistakes and learn from them.  When you do the very best that you can, that is all that you can do.   Is there room for improvements, yes.  Becoming perfect is a goal that we all should try to reach.  However, we are perfected through the unconditional love that we share.  We will never stop learning how to be perfect mothers and grandparents.  Life will never not providing us with challenges and issues to keep us on our toes.  

  If you have done your very best, never think that
you didn't do enough!
By Joselyn Sullivan