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Great moisturizer & skin restorer.
Made with beneficial properties.

What A Wonderful Feeling!

I am so excited about my first batch of soap!
It's called "Gentle Soap".

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Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to share with you about my "Homemade Natural Skin Care Collection".  I will be coming out with some wonderful Scrubs, Body Washes, Body Butters, Bath Soaks, Soaps and more for you to enjoy.  No Harsh Chemicals!  Only the best goes into our products.  We want you to be happy, feel great and love using our products created for you.

Essential Oils, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and some much more goes into what we make.  Your skin will be Restored, Enhanced, Cleansed and Moisturized.  After a day of work and feeling of tiredness, Relax, Unwind and Enjoy "Pampering Moms" Natural Skin Care.

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Helping to restore your mind, body & spirit.
No Formaldehyde or Parabens

Sweet & Juicy Pear Emulsified Body Scrub

Unwind, Relax & Enjoy!

Pampering Moms Skin Care Inspired by GrandparentRoc: Know Your Herbs

Pampering Moms Skin Care Inspired by GrandparentRoc: Know Your Herbs: Hi Everyone, Recently, I have been studying herbs and I was overwhelmed about just how great herbs are because they have so many ben...

Know Your Herbs

Hi Everyone,

Recently, I have been studying herbs and I was overwhelmed about just how great herbs are because they have so many benefits for us, both in foods that we eat for nourishment for our bodies and skin care.  As you already know that I have been creating my own natural skin care line, I have been incorporating some of these natural herbs into my butter creams and salves.  I already see the difference. 

Their are so many great herbs to choose from that will fit your needs.  Of course, we still need to make sure that it's okay to use these herbs because we want to be safe.  The herbs are the best within itself, but we must make sure that we are able to use them because they are considered to be earthly medicine.  In my opinion, it's the best form of medicine due to its natural properties.  However in some cases like pregnancy, certain herbs may interfere with your bodies chemistry.  So if you have any questions, talk to an herbalist or your physician first before using just to be safe. 

Today, I am going to be talking about herbs and its benefits.   I believe that this is a great topic and a lot of people don't really know about the benefits and properties of them.  So, lets get started.

Lets talk a little about Comfrey (Symphtum Officinallis) this is its Botanical name.  Comfrey has wonderful healing benefits for our body.  The leaves and roots are used in oils to infuse the benefits that are used to make creams and salves.  I use almond oil or olive oil when I am infusing the plant. 

My mother loved to use herbs and believed that they were the best way to go.  She was right because going natural is the way to a healthier you. 

Some of the uses are:  external use for healing wounds, broken bones, pulled ligaments/sprains, varicose veins, burns, and hernias.  It can also be used internally in the form of tea for coughs and ulcers.

It is important to know what you are using a particular herb for because it has healing properties for different things.  If you are interested in learning more about herbs, you can also visit  .  This is another great herbal site that I think you will enjoy.

Well friends check back with GrandparentsRoc as we go through learning about herbs.